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Speed Genius


You might be smart but are you fast?  This game requires both!  Earn Kin by beating the clock!

Trump Dance


Donny doesn't look like a dancer but we've changed that!  From flossing to NeNe and back The Donald can groove!  More unlovable characters coming soon!



Our first phase of LoopBlender is a music sharing site focusing on electronic loops and samples.  Kin integration is coming soon!

Speed Genius

You need to be smart and fast to succeed at this game!  Some questions are easy and some are hard, but all of them need to be answered quickly to beat the clock!  Go over the allotted time and you'll lose your gains, but beat the clock and you'll be rolling in the Kin!

There is so much coming soon!  Earn Kin for referring friends, more spend options like eliminating answers, more and more specific categories and best of all, Multiplayer action!  

Multiplayer will be a real-time battle of the quickest minds to compete for a pot of Kin! You can be automatically placed against someone or invite a friend!

Currently Speed Genius is only available on Android phones but iOS is coming at the end of July so iPhone users, subscribe to our email list, follow us, like us or watch the Kin Foundation reddit for all LoopBlender releases!



Our most absurd app to date, Donny Trump cuttin' a rug to all styles of music.  What could be even better than watching this tweeting controversy groove?  Throwing money at him like he's at your Aunt Matilda's bachelorette party!  You don't like the guy?  Throw some tomatoes at him!  Be the one to hit him the most with either and get a weekly grand Kin prize!

We've got more dancers coming but we can't leak it.  We've been sworn to secrecy.  Psst... the next one up rhymes with smillary pinton.



The first phase of Loop Blender is a music sharing site focused on loops and samples.  Earn Kin for uploads and participation.  Tip the talent that generously created music that you can use in your songs!  


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